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Raped worthy

You say im strong,

Behind the smile for how much longer,

It wont be long.

No one hears my screams when im woken with the haunting faces, reminders they hurt me good.

Ill never be the same inside again.

Beautiful you are, people say.. Pffft I dont care.

Look where beautiful got me loyally an honestly too

Used abused and beaten

Ive got no more strength to continue the challenges,

Lifes been one constant fight..

I want it to end – theres nothing about me left

Nothing to keep, im no longer worthy

Baby please hear me ..loud and clearly

Honey – This shell im in.

Its not me no more

Im no longer any good.


I’d lost all faith in relationships

Broken hearts too hard to mend.

Cheating, beating , lying, using or abusing men

Cant sacrifice my hope of true love,

Just to be some jerks passing trend.

Time and healing has given me strength,

Moving on, finding that girl that was once within,

Happy to live alone, but still hope for me yet

This is simply just another part of the journey to begin.

Could be right in front of me,

Plenty of fish in the sea,

Yeah heard it all before –

Just as I heard once values and morals, to be the best you can,

To give more then you take

Why? What for?

You only get shafted in the end.

If i listen in the dark

I hear it, I feel it

Its no good for me, the energy

So much deceit and bullshit

Shallow words and peeps

All around me

Some call themselves

Fuckin family

So i turn the music up loud

And smile sometimes cry

But mostly just dance, not often enough at times

to shake off all the dirty energy they bring

Just dance JoJo just dance an sing..

My song

Help don’t hinder,

Give not take

Look up not down,

Smile not frown,

look feel smell listen taste the beautiful

Appreciate not Alienate

Don’t wait for a funeral to tell ya mate what ShitS ya the most but what y’d miss the most if god forbid,

but eh its better then. telling the stranger at a funeral ..

We often say what we don’t like what about what we do..

own your actions ..

After all we all do have a choice its whether we do what “society says ” who says so i say.. put your own flavour on life ..unique is beautiful the quirky the differences in person skin or whatever ..its what makes beautiful…BEAUTIFUL, look for whats not obvious and simplify …go back to the RAW RARE AND REAL its where simplest things are often the most …

Make memories not monies afterall its what we can only take to our graves ..








after all.

Who wants to sing the same song over and over anyway …im singing my own yo xo